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A blogging platform for your best posts only

Blookist is unlike any other blogging platform. It’s a selective platform. For your favourite posts only, published as a blook.

Blog + book = blook!

We’re creating a new publishing medium by taking the best of both worlds. Simple as a blog and organised as a book. Create a new blook for every story or collect posts that fall under a certain topic

Making content valuable again with blooks

Why do we find books more valuable than blogs? Buying a book whilst not seeing the same value in a blog content seemed a strange paradox. So we've created blooks to bridge this mind gap and make your content valuable and rewarding.

No app needed!

We've made blooks universal, to be shared and read on any device, directly from the browser. No need for special apps or reading devices, just your fingers to swipe between stories. You can even copy a line of code and embed them on your website as well.

Earn directly from your readers and support others

Who says earning with blogging is hard? We’re making it ridicoulously simple! Keep 100% of your earnings. Want more features and visibility? Become a backer of the project and a true part of our team for just $2 per month.

Forming a new startup community

A startup is like a family. That's why we're building a flat organisation with users being an integral part of the team. So you can let your ideas be heard and use the product you've helped to build .