Blookist is shutting down

Every story has an end. After a long discussion we have finally decided it is time to say farewell to Blookist. It was an amazing journey but the costs to maintain our infrastructure and service have become our biggest enemy. We understand you may want to preserve the content you have created on Blookist, so do get in touch on if you would still like to receive an xml version of your posts. To add to the nostalgia, we will be shutting down the server on December 31st. But every end is a new beginning. Quite literally, as our team is already commencing another startup journey. We would like to thank you again for believing in us by supporting our project and would really appreciate if you could find some time to tell us more about your overall experience with the platform, what you've liked and disliked to help us learn quicker and build better products in the future. Stay creative!
Team Blookist

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